An action/romance/slice-of-life/ecchi series written by Nashino Katsumi, featuring the life of Kouta Omayada, a country boy recently transferred to a high school in the city who eventually, unwillingly finds himself caught in a love triangle with two other students, Chizuru Minamoto and Nozomu Ezomori. Though the premise sounds fairly basic, the highschool is actually attended by a number of extraordinar students, many of which are Youkai! Chizuru is a 400 year old Kitsune, and Nozomu is a 200 year old wolf spirit, and both of them have declared their love for Kouta; there's just something about him...

Kanokon began as a light novel series, and has since been adapted into Manga, Anime, Game, and Audio Drama versions, some of which have been translated and released to the west, though Nashino Katsumi currently has placed the series on haitus.


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